Life Style

Bar Cart Ready

Restyling my bar cart is always fun, I love how it looks every time! When I know I'll have company over, I'll change it up by either adding fresh flowers, new flavored drinks or even adding a different scented candle.  I love having a fresh look so by changing things up gives my home that fresh ambiance I like & pretty to look at. Details in this photo:

  • Blue & white vase from Anthropologie
  • Blue & white bowl from Marshalls
  • Display baby lemons from Michaels
  • Printed straws from Target


We love entertaining! Prepping the table for appetizers is another favorite thing I enjoy doing, it's all about presentation. My husband & I are very social people so we love having company over. We enjoy mingling & catching up with our guests while munching on some yummy appetizers.  We do all this while preparing dinner & with a glass of wine of coarse!  Details in this photo are:

  • Tall black vase and black appetizer plates from Homegoods
  • Wine glasses are from Bev and More
  • Flowers from Safeway
  • Cheese Knife from Mackenzie Childs
  • Chips & salsa glass bowl from Crate & Barrel
  • Wooden board {my all time favorite} from Marshalls
Blue &White Vase 

Lately Ive been obsessing over blue & white decor.  When I found this beautiful vase from Homegoods, I automatically knew it was a must have! I find that colors like blue & white as well as black & white are colors you can combine with any pop of color & it looks great.  Adding bright yellow sunflowers creates a beautiful color combination against the blue & white.

Sunday Kinda Night

Some Sunday nights call for yummy desserts and my sister is the perfect person for that, she loves baking! It doesn't help if you have a sweet tooth like me, but sometimes you just say "Oh well" I mean who can resist a yummy homemade desert?  My sister & I actually make a good team as well. Whenever she or I host a party, I'll do the desert table styling & she does all the deserts. Again, its all about presentation & I love a pretty display! I enjoy making things look beautiful while my sister enjoys doing what she does, baking delicious deserts beautifully.  Details in this photo:

  • Pink  cake stand with matching plate from Homegoods
  • Crystal candle holders are from Tuesday Morning
  • Blush candle sticks are from Michaels
  • Gold tier cake also from Homegoods
  • Fall pumpkin decor also from Michaels
  • Gold flatware was a gift from my mother when I first got married

National Coffee Day

I'm pretty sure that National Coffee Day is everyday for a lot of us!  Like the most of you, I LOVE coffee. I usually have at least 2-3 cups a day.  My favorite time to drink coffee is first thing in the morning.  I'm not a big breakfast person so drinking a cup of coffee is just enough for me . I know, I know we all should eat a well balanced meal first thing in the morning. But I don't wake up feeling like I have to eat right away. Having my first cup of coffee while reading one of my favorite & looking at fresh flowers is the perfect morning for me. Coffee just makes everything so much more delightful. Details in this photo:

  • Blue & white vase, blogger book from Anthropologie
  • Monogram mug from Homegoods

Dinner Solution Made Easy

Thanks to Homegoods, making dinner for this night was so easy. Having a busy schedule & running around with the kids can be hectic at times.  "What should I make for dinner tonight?" Is always the question.  Making a quick stop at Homegoods this day before picking up my kids from school was a great idea, well its always a great idea stopping by there because you'll never know what you'll find! But in this case, I've been looking around for a pillow for my daughter's room that week & haven't got the chance to check out Homegoods yet. Whenever I go there, I usually pass their food aisle. This time when I saw the package of the linguine & bottle of marinara sauce, I couldn't pass on not trying it? It looked too good to pass!  I grabbed a bottle of olive oil while I was at it.  Needed a bread basket & some kitchen towels, well grabbed that too lol got everything I needed & it was a wrap! When I came home & made everthing for dinner that night, everyone loved it!  From now on I'll make sure to check what Homegoods has in stock in their food aisle.
  Bon apetite! 

Tea Cups Obsessed 

Literally Obsessed!  For some reason, I just melt whenever I see beautiful dishes. I can't seem to have enough? I walked into Anthropologie one day & these tea cups caught my attention.  I walked over to pick one up.  After my husband saw the look on my face, he knew I couldn't resist!  Next thing you know, they are sitting beautifully on my table lol. Not to mention the gorgeous Nate Berkus gold vase that compliments theses tea cups so well, love the whole ensemble! 

  • Tea cups from Anthropologie
  • Gold vase from Nate Berkus

Lunch Time

Tuna & pasta salad recipe I got from my husband's brother is SO delicious!  When he first made this for my family, it's been an absolute favorite ever since. Needless to say, it doesn't take much  prepping except for boiling the pasta. I used this beautiful wooden board to set everything on top. I added the gluten free crackers that I sometimes like to munch along with my meals. The lemon I like to squeeze over my meals and/or my drink.  Adding the white flower, well lets just say I like to eat with flowers all around me ha! Details in this photo: 

  • Wooden board from Marshalls
  • White bowl from Ikea
  • Hob nail glass from Homegoods
  • Black & white paper straw from Target 

Love Wooden Trays

 This particular wooden tray I found from Homegoods and I adore it!  I can use this tray for anything. My daughter used it to put her snacks to munch on.  I like how wooden housewares feel, very earthy & natural.  You don't have to worry about breakage or chipping, its easier to use. However, one thing I do recommend is purchasing a bottle of mineral oil for your wooden cutting boards or any wooden housewares that you own. In order to preserve that rich, natural wood finish, you apply the mineral oil every few washes, let it saturate & wipe off. You can also rinse & towel dry. The oil will help give your cutting boards that smooth ,original long lasting finish that you will enjoy.  Details in this photo:

  • Wooden tray, blue & white vinyl tray, monogram mug from Homegoods
  • White square desert / appetizer plates from Pier 1

Summer Strawberry Lemonade

I love these mason jar cups that came with straws from Marshalls.  Over the summer I spotted these cups there & thought what a fun way for the kids to drink lemonade or any of their favorite drinks. Surely, they loved it!  Us moms always try to make things fun for our kids. Details in this photo:

  • Strawberry lemonade with mint & lemon
  • Mason jar cups from Marshalls
  • Blue & white vase from Anthropologie

I Must Have Flowers Always & Always

Always! Flowers brightens up any one's day, & it definitely puts a big smile on my face!  Fresh blooms just gives me that tingly, happy feeling that just boosts up my energy lol. I love looking at fresh flowers in my home whenever I walk by, I smile every time. I have to say, I love all kinds of flowers but my favorites are Peonies, Ranunculus, Lilys, Orchids, Tulips, Roses, & Hydrangeas.  I also tend to navigate towards light colors like pinks and whites. Sometimes it all depends on what kind of mood I'm in & I'll grab bright colored blooms like sunflowers. Although they're bright yellow; I love how it gives it a pop of color against the kinds of vases I put them in. As for these pink peonies in this photo, I grabbed them from Trader Joes. Each day I would snap a photo to watch it bloom & it was the most beautiful thing ever.

Vintage Wine Glasses

These beautiful gold & blue wine glasses were given from my mother when I first got married.  I had it put away in my cabinet & one day I was just staring at them & thought why do I have it put away? So then I decided to take it out and display it in my bar cart, so glad I did.  I don't use them, I love how they're so pretty to look at.  The cobalt blue stands out & gives a radiant pop of color. It really ties everything together nicely in my bar cart.

Gold & White Chevron Journal


Who doesn't like to have a pretty little journal or notebook to write their daily inspirations?  I love this journal I found from Marshalls.  Its a perfect size to carry with you or leave on your desk. Since I'm already gold obsessed, I knew this would work just perfect for me.  I'll take notes & put my thoughts together while having my tea or coffee. It feels very nice & I love the print.

Desert Table Styling 

As you all may know by now, I enjoy entertaining!  I love making things look beautiful. Whether I'm preparing the table for appetizers or deserts, I'll plan ahead of time what tray, glass or cake stand to use for which item. Sometimes I'll go by theme, either I'll use all white or all glass, or mix it up.  When doing desert table styling or tablescapes, I pay attention to detail & I like everything looking harmonious instead of looking choppy.  That is very important to me.  I tend  to use colors { in regards to platters, trays, etc } that will compliment one another, that way it also gives the table that beautiful flow when displaying your deserts & appetizers. Details in this photo:

  • Crackled apple & pear set in the center are from Marshalls
  • Pink cake stand & matching plates are from Homegoods
  • All other glassware including the gold napkin holder is from Tuesday Morning

Black & White

Over the years I became very inspired by the colors black & white,  I began falling in love! I started my decor throughout my home because of these two colors, I just find them so fun to work with.  I also find these colors being neutral.  For instance, like the colors blue & white; black & white are also combinations where you can add any pop of color & it still looks amazing!  In this photo,  I was in the store Tuesday Morning. I came across this black & white polka dot wine carrier.  I thought how cute! That I could use it as a gift box, but I loved it so much that I decided to keep it for myself ha! As you can see, I added pink peonies next to the black & white to give it a pop of color & it looks great. Details in this photo:

  • Everything pictured here is from Tuesday Morning
  • {except} Mirrored tray is from Homegoods
  • Pink Peonies are from Whole Foods

Blue & White Tea Set

These gorgeous tea sets are owned by my talented sister.  She originally got them from a store called Bombay & Co.{now they are on line only} The whole blue & white design is just so classic & feminine. Aren't they just so beautiful?! It looks great with any pop of color. She chose one of my favorite colors to pair it with; PINK.  Sometimes I wished I got my hands on these beauties before she did, I still want them all!

My sister even got all the matching dinner ware with it too, LUCKY!  She set her table for an all girls brunch we were having that day.  Our friends loved it!

Enjoying My View

Whenever its warm out, I'll take a step out to my patio that overlooks the lake.  The view is just beautiful & peaceful, especially during the summer. Staring at the lake is very calming. Sometimes I'll see ducks swimming there & often get humming birds that come along my way from time to time. Its quite nice & I enjoy it very much.  Details in this photo:

  • Patio set is from Home Depot
  • Patio cushion & decor from Marshalls
  • Vase from Homegoods


My husband & I having breakfast in style lol.  I love eating pretty, everything just tastes better!  Since I'm a big lover of black & white, of coarse I must have the Mackenzie Child's Courtly Check everything.  I love how its bold & makes a statement.  It looks great with anything I pair the set with. It goes great with my decor & love how I can use their pieces either as display or for use.

Pick Me Up

During the summer, it gets too hot & sometimes you just want a quick pick~me~ up!  I made some cold lemon water for the kids & added kiwi to give it extra flavor. The fun part is having it in style! Details in this photo:

  • Hob nail glasses, black & white tray from Homegoods
  • Glass vase from Tuesday Morning
  • Black & white paper straws from Target

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea over my sister Rayhana's house.  We have similar taste in our flair for beautiful tea sets & dishes like Mackenzie Childs.  I was actually thrilled when Mackenzie Childs  featured this photo on their Instagram page.  I love how these porcelain desert plates have a beautiful gold, wavy trim, It reminds me of ruffles. The three tier porcelain dessert server mimics the desert plates and makes a beautiful ensemble.

Villa Blanca

Lunch time with my beautiful daughter while we were visiting family in Beverly Hills.  I had to snap a picture of the beautiful decor in the restaurant.  I love how Lisa Vanderpump used neutrals throughout this space. The whites & pops of black looks very light, airy & romantic at the same time.  Although I don't use many neutrals when I design my home, I tend to use colors that pop.  But I love how these combination look very subtle & monochromatic.

Dinner Near the Lake

My family & I love sushi!  One of our favorite sushi spots is called Blue Genko. They have amazing food!  My favorite is their spicy tuna roll & there Ahi tuna parfait.  This place is indoors & outdoors. We sat on a cute little spot right next to the water watching the ducks swim. It was a beautiful night.
Our Hawaii Family Trip 2014

The next couple pictures are from our family trip to Maui. Maui has always been our favorite island. It is a perfect family vacation. This place is so surreal, the beautiful beach, the lovely sunsets & the wonderful resorts. I love how colorful everything is!  The resort where we stayed was the Honua Kai Resort & Spa. This place is very family oriented, the kids absolutely loved the pool!  One of the features I liked was the  patio area where you can bring your own lunch or dinner & just have a family bbq, It really felt like home :)
Honua Kai Resort & Spa

Maui's Beautiful Sunset

This was the last night before flying back home the next day. Beautiful sunset!  I enjoy capturing moments like this because pictures always lasts longer.  So many memories we created here, collecting all of them as I watched the sunset.  I closed my eyes & wanted to soak in everything while the sun was still gleaming at me. I wanted to lock everything in a little box within me til the next time we visit. Amazing & extraordinary sunset. 

Red White & Blue

I am not much of a baker, but I do enjoy baking cupcakes because not only is it fun to do, its easy ha!  I made these cupcakes to celebrate 4th of July.  I had my little helper, my daughter Sabrina to give me a hand.  The first thing I did after I finished baking them is snap a picture & send it over to my oh~so talented, baking queen sister. "Voila!" She said, she was impressed lol Details in this photo:

  • Red & white stripe cupcake holder from Tuesday Morning
  • White cake stand from Homegoods
  • Blue & white apron from Anthropologie

Love Him

This is a pic from one of our trips this past summer. Looking at this photo, gives me the feeling that I want to share how much I appreciate all the loving support he has given me.  I've had some interesting adventures lol he'd laugh but he has always encouraged me in doing all the things that I love to do. I admire that about him. I Love You!!

Pop of Color

On a different route, do you ever drive down the street & all of a sudden you see a few trees that just pop at you with their beautiful colors & you get this WOW feeling?  Well that's me :) These bright pink trees are on my street & I love looking at them everytime! The transition between seasons are so beautiful, this tree was pink right before we got into Fall.  I love seeing pop of colors anywhere, it could be indoors, outdoors or even in fashion; it's so beautiful! 

Yountville, Napa

The next few photos are from our little get away to Napa Valley in a town called Yountville, we love to spend the whole day here. Its a perfect little get away for just the two of you! The little town has a beautiful & very romantic atmosphere, not to mention all the wonderful wine tasting spots you can attend.  I love how peaceful this little town is, & everybody you meet is very sweet! 
Bistro Jeanty~Yountville, Napa

Taking a stroll downtown, I love how all their little bistros & shops look so vintage.
 I snapped a photo of this cute Bistro. I love how the vintage bicycle is parked right outside their spot. I love the pink & white striped awnings & adore the beautiful climbing roses on their wall. it gives the Bistro so much character.

Bottega Restaurant~ Yountville, Napa

After our stroll, we walked back to our 7 pm dinner reservation at Bottega.  We love Italian food & this place has some of the best sea food & pasta! This place is located in the heart of Napa Valley & has a beautiful indoor & outdoor old world ambiance.  The best part was having a quiet, romantic dinner just the two of us!


  1. I love your style and your sense of details~
    I enjoyed looking at your photos and just from reading your blog I can feel that you are a beautiful person in every way. Cheers ;))

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment Sonia! Have a beautiful day! xo Laila

  2. After waking up lately, I read this post and wanna do something right now. Thank for making me having fresh feelings :)