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      I never knew I was crafty until I actually started doing my own home projects.  A friend once told me, "You've always had it in you, you just never brought it out."  Guess at any age your still discovering new things about yourself ha!

These are some diy's Ive done in my home, they are before & after photos.  I wish I snapped  pics of each steps along the way, but I have noted what materials I've used & where I got them from. Hope you like!

DIY Wreath

When  you find a wreath from a store that speaks to you, you buy it.  But if you own a custom wreath that you created, its more special.  I remember having a crazy week & I had to run to Hobby Lobby to grab some art supplies for my kid's school project.  Since I was always intrigued by these bare wreaths, I decided to take one home & start creating a Fall wreath for my front door. { FYI~ The best times to work on projects is at night, because everyone is a sleep lol! }  I took out my glue gun, some twine to wrap around the leaves. I started arranging & rearranging everything. It was calm, it was quiet, I couldn't help but to feel so relaxed & meditated lol, next thing you know it was almost 1;00 in the morning! I had so much fun working on this diy project that I wasn't paying attention to the time. It was very therapeutic & I enjoyed it very much! Details in this photo:
  • Everything on this wreath is from Hobby Lobby

Before & After of my Vintage Table

I've had this vintage table for a long time, but I never did anything to it.  I thought it was time to give it an uplift.  Went to Michaels & got some chalky paint in white from Americana Decor, some new paint brushes & a bottle of gold paint spray.  I painted the whole table in white first, the good thing about chalky paint is that it dries quick!  The table has some cracks & I decided to preserve that instead of filling the cracks in.  Because it's a vintage piece, I felt like keeping something natural about it.  After the paint dried in no time, I placed masking tape to prep it for the gold stripes.  Next, I just started spray painting away & voila! Project complete :)

Final Look

Before & After Wood Trim of my Sofa

    I have an obsession with gold! I've had this sofa for over 10 years and it was time for a change. At first, I was very hesitant to do this project, let alone all by myself?! Being that it is a large sofa, I wasn't sure if it was going to mess it up or if it would turn out ok.  I decided to take the plunge & go for it! 
     I went to Michaels, bought the Martha Stewart gold paint with the Classic Gold Leaf. It was a weekday, my kids were at school & my husband at work, I had the house all to myself! A good day to start on a project. I went and turned some 90's music on, took a bag of  hot Cheetos chips to snack on and went to work. By the time I was done, { it probably took me 3-4 hrs} I didn't even realize how fast time was flying, I was having fun! It really was a good day.

Before / After Reupholster

     After I let the paint dry [by this time, I already placed and order for the black velvet fabric from Joanne's Fabrics}. I was ready for phase 2 of the project, getting it reupholstered. Since I didn't have the experience reupholstering it myself, I found somebody local to do it for me. After two weeks time, he finally delivered my sofa. I was extremely happy with the outcome! I'm SO glad I decided to give it a new look myself vs replacing it with another sofa. Plus I didn't have the heart to do it. I enjoy keeping things that have a sentimental value to me. Above all, its now a custom vintage piece!

NowRoz Our New Years Celebration

NowRoz means "New Day" traditinally the begining of Spring.  The major part of the New Year rituals is setting the "Haft Seen" which are seven items that start with the letter S.  The seven items are:

  • Seeb {apple} that represents beauty
  • Sabzee {green grass} which means renewal
  • Serke {vinegar} represents patience
  • Samanoo {wheat pudding} represents affluence
  • Senjed {oleaster fruit} represents love
  • Sekke {coins} means prosperity
  • Seer {garlic} represents health
  • Haft Mewa { doesnt start with an 'S'} but it's a fruit medley that is combined with seven fruits 


Growing up, I've always watched my my mom prepare & set the table for our NowRoz festival.  She would display everything so beautifully. I would observe every detail she would put into what she was doing & everything looked so delightful after. That explains where I get most of my inspiration from, my mother. She inspires me in so many different ways.  This past year, I was inspired & honored to host NowRoz celebration at my house. I was looking forward to making my first Haftseen setting! I really enjoyed it & it was so much fun creating the table of all the things that represents something in life. It was a beautiful feeling & it was very nice to have all the family together to celebrate 'new beginnings.' 


Here is a larger view of my Haftseen setting.

Before / After Wood Trim

Since I was so excited freshening up the look of my existing furniture, I felt like I was on a roll! I started painting these two accent chairs that I've also owned for over 10 years. I went ahead & used the same paint color for my sofa { Martha Stewart gold paint & Classic Gold Leaf from Michaels}. Although these were only chairs, I found that this project was a little more complex than painting my sofa. These chairs had a glossy finish when my sofa had a matte finish. What I should've done was sand the wood first then repainted over. Guess you always learn things from experience, I definitely know what steps to take when I need to repaint a glossy finish next time ;)


After the gold paint, I decided to give this chair some color.  The Pantone color of the year inspired me to go for this shade, its  pink & I love it.  It literally went from looking dull & boring to something with a little pizazz! I couldn't believe what a difference it makes when you reupholster your furniture? I was actually thinking of giving these chairs away, so glad I changed my mind.  Doing your own home projects or for others is A LOT of fun!  It really brings out your creativity side. It also builds value to that piece because of the time & effort you put in creating it. These projects I created so far will always have a special meaning to me, & the great part is that over time you can pass it down to your children. It becomes a great vintage piece!

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