Welcome & thank you for visiting Designs by Laila! I'm excited to share & blog about what I love to do! A little something about my family & I, we live in the golden state of California.  We love traveling to beautiful places & love spending time as a family.  I see beauty every where & it inspires me to share what I love.  I'm also a very passionate person.  I put my heart into things I love & enjoying doing.  I have a love for interior design & anything that is beautiful as well as inspirational. I pay attention to a lot of detail & sometimes I drive my family crazy by constantly moving things around the house decorating & redecorating lol... However, I couldn't have pursued my passion without the loving support of my family.  On that note, I invite you to come along this venture of mine with the things I find, create & share with you. Hope you find it beautiful & inspirational! 



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