Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Influencer Trip to MacKenzie - Childs

I have to admit, it was love at first sight when I first laid eyes on some of the beautiful MacKenzie - Childs pieces. I knew right there and then that this is going to be one of my favorite collections ever!

Thank you for joining me while I share my experience going to the MacKenzie - Childs Influencers trip! Collecting these gorgeous pieces is one thing, but taking a trip to visit their headquarters in Aurora, New York was a dream come true!! 

First of all, I'd like to thank the lovely girls; Lily and Ali from Little Voice PR who coordinated this amazing trip. They both are so helpful and just the SWEETEST! I was lucky enough to be in a group of lovely ladies whom I already knew virtually on social media...but meeting everyone in person was in another level..such a blast! We had so much fun being together, at times we had to hold our stomachs and had tears in our eyes because we laughed so hard haha! I knew I created lifetime friendships with everyone who was on board during our trip. The friendships, the experience, the warm, hear felt hospitality that MacKenzie-Childs along with Lily and Ali created for us was truly memorable and can't thank them enough!

On this blog, I'll be sharing some beautiful pics from the Farm House where I'll be taking you on a little tour. The Production Site where they hand make the pieces, the Shop where you find pieces from tableware to kitchen to furnishings and many more! Lastly, the Grounds where you will see breathtaking gardens, lakes and furry animals!   

The Farm House

What a lovely entrance!! Going on this trip in late September, you see Fall beauty everywhere. Walking up to these adorable pumpkins and beautiful mums on the stairs was such a breath of fresh air! Inside this amazing Farm House, you will see that every room is furnished with MacKenzie - Childs but in its own beautiful way. Lets take a look at some of my favorite spots!

This is their dining room where we had delicious lunch! Look at all the layering on this table scape, just love it! This black and white Courtly Check is actually their signature pattern. This is also one one of my favorite ones too. I enjoy layering Courtly Check pieces as a backdrop for my table setting, it really just ties everything together very nicely.

Moving on to one of the other rooms, that wall paper is so pretty! Pink is one of my favorite colors and when I see it combined with flowers...oh it just fills my heart! And that vintage 3 tier tray, my gosh it's adorable!

Ok, lets take a moment to absorb all of this! I felt like I was in heaven when I first saw this room, it says GORGEOUS all over! The all white kitchen, the pink back splash matching the knobs and the Courtly Check enamel ware on the stove...a piece of heaven I tell ya!

All I need is a MacKenzie - Childs apron and call it a day! If you ever need to find me one day, I'll be here cooking and baking a storm haha! 

I also love pastel colors and looking at this bathroom vanity was candy to my eyes! One things for sure is details, its all about details...don't you agree?! :)

The next couple of photos is from one of my favorite bedrooms!

You see the flow of the beautiful pastel colors here, its truly remarkable! I'd feel like a princess sleeping here everyday, seriously! {inserted crown emoji here! lol}

Shifting gears to the Production Studio. Here, the artisans make everything by hand. Like Rebecca Proctor who is the creative director for MacKenzie - Childs describes it as " Tradition with a twist. No two pieces are ever a like."

Each piece has a unique signature of its own. Every brush stroke differs as well so you will see the artisan hand in each work. I truly have utmost respect for all these wonderful artisans who does amazing work, it's not easy. We all had a fun project to paint our own mugs and it took a lot of time and patience. If we hadn't stopped to move on with the tour, it would've tooken me ALL day just to paint one mug, seriously! So bless their heart!

The finishing products all go on the shelf for the next team to take over.

On their upper level was the furniture department.  I just loved all the artwork they put on these furnishings, so beautiful!

This artisan is applying gold leaf to this piece. It was so nice to be able to see all of this in person! You really do appreciate all the MacKenzie - Childs pieces even more when you see how much process actually goes in just to finish one piece. It makes me cherish it more and pass it down from generation to generation. I'm looking forward to doing that one day. And the beautiful part about it is that every piece has a story, I love that!!

We also got lucky to see the newest collection coming in Spring 2018, the Sweetbriar Collection! So excited, cant wait when its available!

The last stop before we go outside to the beautiful Grounds is the MacKenzie - Childs Shop. Here you will find an abundance of joy and happiness like I did lol! I'm so falling in love with the floral black and white pillow!

Such eye candy everywhere!!

Last stop, I'll be taking you on a beautiful stroll on a the's absolutely serene here!

These are views of the Cayuga Lakes, surrounded by the beauty of Finger Lakes. You see beautiful nature all around you and through out each season. You'll even see some adorable animals!

How cute are they?!

Thank you all for taking a tour with me at the lovely MacKenzie - Childs Farm House. It was such a pleasure having you! It was also very nice to re-live these moments and all the memories that I'll be cherishing. I hope you get to visit here one day because at MacKenzie - Childs you are treated like family and like family, you feel like home...

Please visit here soon for my next blog post...Til next time, Friends!!


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