Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Living Room Remodel ~ Summer Home Tour

   Hi friends! I wanted to welcome you from my dear friend Janine's Happy Happy Nester blog. I'm sure you've enjoyed her beautiful home as much as I have! A group of bloggers and I have come together to bring you our Summer Home Tour...Don't forget to click the links at the end of this post to visit my friend's beautiful homes, you'll love all the beautiful & unique styles!

    I'm also excited to share that this is my first Summer Home Tour in our "new" 1970's home remodel! It's definitely been a long journey but truly a memorable one :) I'll be sharing the rooms we have completed so far. My first blog update was our hallway bath remodel, you can find the post & sources here. Although we are not 100% complete with everything in the house, I'm just way too excited to show you what we have tackled so far AND I got a few before pics for you!

   This is our new living room! We are SO very happy with the outcome! The theme for our house is very simple, light, airy and a little bit of French flair that I will be introducing later. This house had wall to wall carpeting and everything was pretty much in the original state from the 70's...so outdated! My husband and I actually love fixer uppers and have transformed many homes in the past, it truly is such a fun process. When we decided to find a smaller home since the kids are much older now and getting ready to go off to college, we wanted to find something where we could tear down and add our own personal touches.

   After looking at several homes and walking into this gem that had yet to be discovered...we knew this was going to be just it! We loved the fact that is was a simple single story with an inspired Lake Tahoe backyard...all I could think of was the endless possibilities. Since I LOVE designing homes, I knew this house had so many potentials and we knew this was going to be our forever little home... :)

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 Blue Floral Pillow

Area Rug

Coffee Table

Here's a pic of how our living room looked like before with the existing wall that we knocked down.

This is an angle looking from the dining area.

Our new dining area adjacent to our living room....will be doing a post on my dining room soon so stay tuned!

 I couldn't wait to take out all the carpets and install hardwood floors! Our new floors are white washed brushed oak which is engineered wood.

As for the walls, I know it was going to be all simple and white and went with Kelly Moore Swiss Coffee. We still have to get some crown molding and casing around the windows...will definitely be sharing more as we go.

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Faux White Peonies 

The beginning of our renovation process.  This is where we tore down the wall and flooring to create a more spacious and open feel.

The new open space NOW :) This area however is still in progress...we are creating a lounge area here and will be sharing more pics with you. That gorgeous black cabinet you see there is an old Raymour Flanigan piece we found in a consignment store, my husband and I knew we had to have it!! Adds such a perfect contrast against all our white decor.

The entry ways were all squared in the beginning and I wanted to create a softer look so we had our contractor round them off to beautiful arches. I cant wait to share more posts as we go along our renovation!

I hope you enjoyed my Living Room reveal in my Summer Home Tour! It was so much fun walking you through our renovation process. Be sure to visit back when I share more updates of our 1970's Home Remodel! I'd love to read your thougthts! Now please visit my sweet friend Amie on her amazing Summer tour next along with the rest of my blogger friends. Til next time!!


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  1. What a huge an amazing transformation! Love how everything is looking!

    1. Thank you so much Gloribel, I love transformations lol! Happy Summer hun! xo

  2. Laila, your house is coming together beautifully. You have such great taste, I love it!

    Xox, Lizbeth

    1. Your so sweet, thank you Liz! Still a work in progress but we're slowly getting there :) Thanks for visiting! xo

  3. Wow ! It is a classic home decorated with best items, It is the best collection of home to spend holidays in summer, I really inspired to look this design. Get the best and latest Modern House Designs at affordable price.

  4. Laila, your home takes my breath away! What an incredible transformation...you have such vision, my friend! It's bright and beautiful and so fresh and crisp...bravo!! Can't wait to see more!

    1. Thank you for your sweet words Tam! Love seeing visions come to life lol! It's been quite an amazing journey, thanks for visiting hun! xo

  5. Wow! Laila what a transformation! Gorgeous!!! I love all your design touches. You are creating such a beautiful home. Love it!

    1. Thank you so much Joan!! Happy Summer my friend! xo

  6. Wow Laila! You have certainly done a ton of work! It looks stunning! I was really looking forward to this! Great job!

    1. Thank you so much Amy! Sure was a lot of work, but I felt like it went by so fast haha! Happy Summer to you!! xo

  7. Crazy transformation! Love your style and that coffee table is to die for!


    Kim & Lacey

  8. Hi Laila,
    I've been enjoying all of the houses on this tour, and yours really is fabulous. What a huge transformation. It doesn't even look like the same house. You and your husband are very talented.
    Look forward to seeing more.

    1. Hi Loi,

      Oh my gosh! We have people stopping by and telling us they cant believe its the same house lol I just love transformations!! Thank you so much for visiting, loved your summer tour btw!! xo

  9. Laila,

    I sure enjoyed watching your remodeling process! Holy moly, you have done such a incredible transformation! I love the Californian ranches! We own one too and they are great when updated! Classic and casual which yours is classic and gorgeous!

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