Sunday, July 31, 2016

Summer Home Tour ~ Outdoor Tablescape

Welcome! I am excited to be hosting a summer home tour with some of my wonderful blogger friends. Thank you for visiting me after Gloribell's tour...wasn't her home just gorgeous?! Be sure to visit the link to my friend's homes at the end of this post. 

Here, I've gathered some of my flowers from my garden to create a colorful yet casual summer table scape in my backyard, hope you enjoy & find some inspiration!

A summer table scape would not be complete without a scrumptious dessert! I picked up one of our favorite yummy desserts from the local market...cherry cheese cake!

I LOVE summer nights! In the Bay Area, it doesn't really start cooling down until 7 pm...and when it does, its just beautiful! It's still bright enough to do things outdoors. Sometimes when we get this nice, cool breeze; it feels so great where you just want to spend the rest of your night outdoors... that's California weather!

 You can never go wrong with a bottle of Silver Oak ;) a favorite of ours!

Entertaining outdoors is always so much fun. I like to use white dishes for most of my table setting. I tend to add pops of color against the white such as flowers or colorful napkins. Most of my accessories is from HomeGoods and the silver candle sticks is from Hobby Lobby.

Another reason why I love summer is the fact that you can take the party outside. Theres just so much beauty everywhere when your outdoors. The beautiful trees, flowers, and all the greenery that's around you....truly a beautiful atmosphere!

I really hope you enjoyed my casual and colorful summer table scape as I always enjoy creating it. And I hope you found lots of inspiration when visiting my blog, thank you for coming by!!


 Please visit my friend Janine's beautiful summer home tour next! You'll find more inspirations at Happy Happy Nester!

Here is the rest of my blogger friend's summer home tours you don't want to miss!

Oscar ~ Oscar Bravo Home 


  1. You are amazing at table settings! This looks so fresh and welcoming!!!

  2. So beautiful and elegant Laila! Your back yard is like a retreat. Thanks for sharing your amazing tablescape. I'll be right over for cheesecake.

  3. I'm with Amie! Save me a seat because I want a slice of cheesecake too! Beautiful tablescape, Laila! So elegant

  4. Your Tablescape is fabulous! Oh gosh, I'm with Oscar and Amie, I'm heading over right now! Your flowers are beautiful and it looks like we have the same rose bushes, the peach colored ones are dreamy! Thanks for joining us in the blog hop!

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