Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bobsweep Robotic Vacuum



Hey there! This is bObi, my new intelligent floor cleaner! :)

Like almost everyone else, I used to manually vacuum my floors. Sometimes it would take me over an hour to clean both upstairs and downstairs. I would carry my heavy vacuum cleaner with me wherever I went. Not only was it heavy to carry around but I had to wrap the long cord around with me everytime...and if I didn't it would get caught under things like door ways or under furniture legs...ugh.  Since I also work from home, I had to schedule certain days to vacuum the floors because I knew it would take me time to do everything. I scheduled two days out of the week to vacuum the house alternating which days worked best based on my work schedule.  I don't know about you, but doing all that was just a hassle for me.  That changed when I discovered bObsweep. When I heard its a robotic vacuum cleaner that not only vacuums the floor for you but does much more...I just had to have it!  

I was so excited to see that I received a package from bObsweep that day, I couldn't wait to open it! My husband was at work &{ he already knew all about this vacuum cleaner because I couldn't stop talking about it!} I thought to myself, should I wait to open it when he gets home or now? Well, the thought of waiting sounded like forever so that didn't last too long {oops!} I immediately opened the box, snapped a quick pic and send it over to my husband. He responds back  with a smile{emoji} & knew I was too excited to wait! :)

I pulled out a beautiful white box that looked very clean and chic. Nice! I thought to myself, if the box looks this neat; I wonder how the actual vacuum will look? By now, I'm super excited!

OMG how cute! I said to myself.  Here is my very own bObi ;) with an adorable note attached to it. The note had it's date of birth  9/3/15; weight 7lbs; and height 32" How cute is that?!  Very thoughtful!  All it's parts were securely placed next to it.

As curious as I was to know what all the parts were; I decided to lay some of them out and show you the components bObi comes with;
A charging station, 2 main brushes, charging adapter, remote control, screwdriver, 2 side brushes, cleaning brush, extra screws and blindfold stickers, mop extension, 2 mop cloths, filter refill, owners manual, and a syncing tool.  I like to talk a little more about some of the components that I found very helpful when using bObi; the Charging Station the Remote Control & the Mop:

  • Charging Station:  As you can see in the photo above, the charging station is the black component on the floor that I have sitting against the wall. It is best to place the charging station on a hard flat surface, against a wall and around open space. When you plug the adapter on the charger station, the nightlight on the top will turn on showing you that its charging.  The charging station should already be synced with bObi. Just in case it cant seem to find her charging station, that means the charging station is not yet synchronized. To sync; you need to bring bObi close to her charging station, disconnect it from the adaptor { note; keep the adaptor cord out of reach because it can accidentally run it and get tangled. You can place the cord behind the charging station to be safe.} Switch bObi to OFF, and plug the adaptor into the charging station. Use the Syncing Tool to press and hold the Sync button on back of the charging station and turn it back to ON switch.  You will hear a beep sound that indicates the charging station and bObi has been synced.  In case you don't hear the beep, turn bObi and the charging station to OFF; disconnect the station from the adaptor, wait a few minutes and repeat the process again from the beginning. One of the things I love about bObi is whenever she runs low on batteries, her Juice button will light up & she will automatically start searching for her charging station.  I find that so cool because really, you don't have to do anything, its so self sufficient {kudos!}        

  • Remote Control: Who would've thought you can communicate with your floor cleaner through a remote control? The remote control allows you to schedule bObi to clean your house any time of the day you like...she does all this automatically. The remote control also allows you to maneuver and control it's movement while she is cleaning.  Every time you choose an action on the remote, bObi will beep once notifying you that she got the signal and starts performing the action.  The key features the remote control has is a: signal indicator, UV indicator, speed indicator, current time, scheduled time, all days selection/ schedule reset, UV light, Hi/Bye button, Atop button, select/OK, navigation buttons, speed, Juice button, Go! button, Waffle button, scheduled time indicator and current time indicator. bObi uses a 24 hr clock so it can be programmed to clean at any specific time of day and on as many days of the week as you it! {Note; it will clean on the scheduled time even when her brushes or bin is full or dirty so remember to check its bin and brushes every time before it goes on to its scheduled cleaning time}.

  • The Mop:  I'm already fascinated that a floor cleaner can do everything for you automatically but having a floor cleaner that that also mops? Amazing!! bObi can mop the same time as shes sweeping, vacuuming and even!  It comes with a mop extension and two mini mop cloths that are microfiber.  These cloths can be used either dry or damp with water or your favorite cleaning product. You can wash the cloths after each use.  Since I have both tile and carpet in my home, I use the mop on my kitchen & entry way, then detach the mop when she goes over carpet.    

{I just love the shape & color of this chic unit!} On the top of bObi's features you will see the sensor Go!,  Juice and Waffle buttons. It has a charging inlet, On/Off switch, head sensor, charging bars and touch sensors.  Here's some info about the three main touch buttons the Go!, Juice, and Waffle.

  • Go! Button: This is the button that you press which activates bObi's cleaning mode.  Basically, this is where it starts & goes! It will clean your floors until it runs low on batteries {when this happens, the Juice light comes on indicating that its looking for the charging station to recharge itself} 

  • Waffle Button:  This button is mainly for smaller areas that you want cleaning for example, small spills or food crumbs on the floor.  In the Waffle mode, bObi will clean an area of about 10 sq ft for about three minutes before she stops for standby mode.  So you can have her clean a small area a couple of times then change her cleaning mode back to the regular Go! mode.

  • Juice:  When bObi runs low on batteries, her Juice button will start flashing & she will start searching for her charging station {as we discussed previously} You can also just touch the Juice button to have bObi stop cleaning & she will automatically find her charging station to recharge. 

Note; bObi may detect an issue on the floor and stop. She will beep notifying you that there is a problem with the error sign {Err} flashing on her remote. Different errors have different codes so if this ever happens you just the read the two digit code on the remote display {you can find what the codes represent in your owners manual} bObi's is equipped with a self check up feature to allow you to test the functionality to it's various parts. That hasn't happened to me yet but I just had a small situation where I have a heavy wool rug in my living room {and we know how wool can be, very fuzzy} boBi went over the rug until it stopped & started to beep.   I didn't see an error code light up but I simply turned it off, picked it up and placed it on the other side of the floor.  I made a self note to myself that I cant have her go over my wool rug again which is fine. If for any reasons you encounter a problem with bObi, you can always contact

Thanks to bObi, here are my clean floors!! My time was cut in half, I didn't have to lift nor carry any heavy vacuum machines around, I didn't have to worry about wrapping the cord so it doesn't get stuck anywhere. I also didn't  have to worry about stopping what I'm doing to vaccum on the days that I had scheduled. The best part is, now I don't have to worry about manually vacuuming the house anymore...yay!!  I simply turn the switch to On. tap bObi to Go! & let it do its thing. My kids absolutely loved watching bObi go from one room to another cleaning the floors as she went.  I even heard them say "oh my Gosh mom, bObi is SO cute!!"

Thank you so much for reading along & letting me share bObi with you!

For bObi's how-to videos & more visit
For spare parts visit
Or if you have any questions or need help with bObi, visit


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  2. BoB is AMAZING.He appears to cover even fairly large rooms extremely well on one battery run.He sends himself "home" to his charger when he is running low on juice.He is constantly loaded with dog hair that is normally everywhere throughout the floor.

    @Laura Smith.

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