Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Tablescape

     Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  It feels good to blogging again after my move.  With some boxes still unpacked, I was brave enough to host TG this year. Thank goodness with the help of my hubby, we pulled it through & Thanksgiving dinner was a success!
      For my tablescape, I used my blue & white floral China that I had for many years, truly one of my favorite dishes.  I was originally going to use dark blue napkins & runners to pick up the blue from my dishes.  After playing around with color, I decided to go with burnt orange.  I was actually very skeptical using that color because I don't have many orange decor throughout my home. Being an Autumn color, finding the right shade to combine with was really important.  After I chose my color palette for my table scape, everything blended quite nicely with the little pumpkins & center piece. 

     By the way, did I mention I took the chance of NOT using any tablecloth over my dining table? Yikes!  I was probably more hesitant doing this than choosing the colors of my table scape lol I was afraid of the heat from the hot plates. Luckily, that's why there are chargers so it worked out good.
     Overall, it was a very beautiful night & I enjoyed hosting it, from the planning to the preparing & the feasting! But not so much to the cleaning right after lol... Table styling is another favorite passion of mine so I had a lot of fun designing my tablescape. Thanks so much for reading along, looking forward to Christmas next. Have a wonderful day!

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