Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Living Room ~ Summer Home Tour

   Hi friends! I wanted to welcome you from my dear friend Janine's Happy Happy Nester blog. I'm sure you've enjoyed her beautiful home as much as I have! A group of bloggers and I have come together to bring you our Summer Home Tour...Don't forget to click the links at the end of this post to visit my friend's beautiful homes, you'll love all the beautiful & unique styles!

    I'm also excited to share that this is my first Summer Home Tour in our "new" 1970's home remodel! It's definitely been a long journey but truly a memorable one :) I'll be sharing the rooms we have completed so far. My first blog update was our hallway bath remodel, you can find the post & sources here. Although we are not 100% complete with everything in the house, I'm just way too excited to show you what we have tackled so far AND I got a few before pics for you!

   This is our new living room! We are SO very happy with the outcome! The theme for our house is very simple, light, airy and a little bit of French flair that I will be introducing later. This house had wall to wall carpeting and everything was pretty much in the original state from the 70's...so outdated! My husband and I actually love fixer uppers and have transformed many homes in the past, it truly is such a fun process. When we decided to find a smaller home since the kids are much older now and getting ready to go off to college, we wanted to find something where we could tear down and add our own personal touches.

   After looking at several homes and walking into this gem that had yet to be discovered...we knew this was going to be just it! We loved the fact that is was a simple single story with an inspired Lake Tahoe backyard...all I could think of was the endless possibilities. Since I LOVE designing homes, I knew this house had so many potentials and we knew this was going to be our forever little home... :)

{Here's links & similar links to sources of this room}


 Blue Floral Pillow

Area Rug

Coffee Table

Here's a pic of how our living room looked like before with the existing wall that we knocked down.

This is an angle looking from the dining area.

Our new dining area adjacent to our living room....will be doing a post on my dining room soon so stay tuned!

 I couldn't wait to take out all the carpets and install hardwood floors! Our new floors are white washed brushed oak which is engineered wood.

As for the walls, I know it was going to be all simple and white and went with Kelly Moore Swiss Coffee. We still have to get some crown molding and casing around the windows...will definitely be sharing more as we go.

{ Linked Sources}


Faux White Peonies 

The beginning of our renovation process.  This is where we tore down the wall and flooring to create a more spacious and open feel.

The new open space NOW :) This area however is still in progress...we are creating a lounge area here and will be sharing more pics with you. That gorgeous black cabinet you see there is an old Raymour Flanigan piece we found in a consignment store, my husband and I knew we had to have it!! Adds such a perfect contrast against all our white decor.

The entry ways were all squared in the beginning and I wanted to create a softer look so we had our contractor round them off to beautiful arches. I cant wait to share more posts as we go along our renovation!

I hope you enjoyed my Living Room reveal in my Summer Home Tour! It was so much fun walking you through our renovation process. Be sure to visit back when I share more updates of our 1970's Home Remodel! I'd love to read your thougthts! Now please visit my sweet friend Amie on her amazing Summer tour next along with the rest of my blogger friends. Til next time!!


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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Hallway Bath ~ Our 1970's Home Remodel

Hi friends!! It's been a while and a lot has been going on since my last blog! Some of you may already know that we moved and I've been waiting to share with you what we have done to our new home so far! In case you didn't know, we decided to purchase an older single story home that was built in the 70's. What I love most about our new home is that it sits on a half an acre. Living in California, finding a home with some acreage is like finding a treasure....

We've been remodeling for the past couple of months now. What I wanted to share with you first is the hallway bath that got completed.  My family and I are really loving the new outcome! So here's a pic before the renovation.

 Hallway Bath


Talk about needed some major uplifting!!

Hallway Bath



As you can see, there used to be a wall that separated the shower and sink. I love open spaces so we decided to remove the wall. 

I love love all white!! So decided to paint the walls all white by Kelly Moore Swiss Coffee!

I didn't want a bath tub at all, since my kids are older now. I wanted a shower stall and decided to go with gray tiles all around the shower.

Since the colors I chose for the house are whites, grays and light natural wood...I thought geometric shaped floors in the bathroom floor would make it look a little more interesting.
 The floors are from the same tile family as the shower tiles and they're Porcelain tiles.

This beautiful bathroom vanity, my husband fell in love with!! It has a marble counter top, white shaker cabinets and brushed nickel hardware. The faucets we had to get separately and are brushed nickel so it can match the rest of the hardware from the vanity.

I'm a big fan of beautiful mirrors {linked similar one!} When I spotted these beauties, I knew I had to have them! 

For the lights, I decided to go with simple two vanity lights over the mirrors, making the mirrors the focal point.

That's our hallway bath! I hope you guys enjoyed reading my blog and seeing the aftermath! I will definitely be sharing more updates with you all soon. In the meantime, would love to read your thoughts on our bathroom remodel... stay tuned for my next blog, friends!!


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Home For The Holidays Blog Tour~ Christmas 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

   Hi guys, welcome to our Home for the Holidays Blog Tour! Thank you for visiting me from my sweet friend Janine's blog at Happy Happy Nester ! I just love all her Christmas decor!

  This year, I added touches of pink with some neutrals. If you visit my Christmas Home Tour 2015 last year, my Christmas tree was placed in my family room.  This year, I decided to place my tree in my living room because its the first thing you see when you walk in my home. Especially with this new GORGEOUS 9 ft pre lit flocked tree from King of Christmas I received, it's definitely a show stopper! Their trees are absolutely gorgeous & I'm so impressed with their quality!

Here's a bigger view of my 9 ft flocked Christmas tree. AND I'm so excited to announce that we have a surprise giveaway just for you! You could have a chance to win a beautiful tree from King of Christmas! Just be sure to read all the details to enter at the end of this post!

Pinks & Neutrals; with some silver of coarse! I wanted a more softer and simpler look so I decided to go for this color theme for my Christmas decor. 

Sparkly Reinder ~ ZGallerie
Pink ornaments ~ Hobby Lobby
Apothecary jar, silver tray & accessories ~ HomeGoods

Peace Pillow & Candle Holders ~ HomeGoods
Throw ~ World Market

This is my new look in my living room. Previously I had a black & white area rug in here. Since I was looking to change things up in a more subtle neutral, I came across this beautiful area rug at HomeGoods.  Ive linked a similar one like it: 


My adorable little reindeer friend! :)

A closer look of my Christmas tree & ornaments

Here's another angle of my Christmas tree, I had lots of fun decorating it & so happy with how it all turned out! Thank you so much for visiting my Home For The Holidays Blog Tour! 

 Don't forget to see all my friends tour & enter for our giveaway at the end of this post! 
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Christmas Tree GIVEAWAY details!!

For our Home for the Holidays Blog Tour, King of Christmas is kindly giving away one 7 foot flocked unlit tree to one lucky winner. Here is how you enter the giveaway. Each comment {one per blog} qualifies as an entry.  So, the more blogs you comment on in our tour the more entries for you.  Also, if you subscribe to our blogs each subscription gives you two more entries.  This giveaway is for US residents and you must be at least 18 years old.  This King of Christmas tree giveaway ends Dec. 11 at 8 pm Pacific Standard Time. The winner will be announced that week.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


   Hello Everyone! Welcome to the #StyleThatCoffeeTable hop series hosted by our dear friend Janine from Happy Happy Nester! I wanted to thank you for joining me after Sheila's Maison de Cinq blog, don't you just love how Sheila styled her coffee table?! Be sure to follow along all the hosts at the end of this blog post. With so many beautiful styles, you will find tons of inspiration that fits your unique taste & style! ;)

   I enjoy changing things up for my coffee table, especially during the different seasons. Sometimes, I'll just change things up just because it makes my home feel more refreshed and updated. For this particular style, I decided to change things up by incorporating silver & glass. I love these two combos together! It just makes a simple yet chic statement.

All accessories pictured above are from HomeGoods. I've also linked similar sources for you. The smaller candle you can find from my shop Laila's Boutique. Its made from all natural, hand poured soy candle and it smells delicious!!

Here is a bigger view of my coffee table tray.

   Here is a closer look of my coffee table. As for flowers, I tend to use both faux and real flowers. For this styling, I used a bouquet of faux white roses that I found from HomeGoods. If your wondering about the beautiful silver Buddha head...this was a gift :)

Here I've linked similar items for you.
Get the look:

   Thank you again for joining me and hope that you enjoyed my blog!  Please head on over to my awesome friend Oscar from Oscar Bravo Home & see what he has in store for you next!

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Harvest Haven Fall Tour 2016


   Welcome to Designs By Laila's blog! Thank you for joining us today in the Harvest Haven Fall Tour 2016, hosted by Summer from She Leaves A Little Sparkle. I also want to thank you for visiting me after Amy from Crazy Chic Design's fall home tour...don't you just love everything about Amy's home?! With so many beautiful & unique styles, I've collaborated with some amazing bloggers to bring you a lot of inspiration to help you find ways to decorate your home for Fall this year! Be sure to check out all their homes at the end of this post.

   I'm SO excited to show you the changes I've made in my home this Fall! I've actually did something quite different this year that I've never really done before. But first, if you have been following me along on my Instagram journey, you might be wondering why this room looks so different? You may have noticed, there used to be a white sofa in this room before. Yup, I did a room swap & my family and I absolutely LOVE the new look! I always believe, change is always a good idea. I couldn't wait to share the new reveal with you. Say hello to my new family room!

    Fall is such a beautiful season but I have to say, I will miss Spring and Summer. Spring by far is my favorite season! If I have to compare the two seasons; I interpret Fall as plants, flowers & some tress slowly deteriorating, drying and falling. I don't mean to sound too sad lol but I just love nature so much that I don't want to see it go away like that. But the colors of Fall is so warm and pretty that all I want to do is just cozy up and cuddle. With Spring, I interpret it as new growth, new life and new beginnings. Everything around you is flourishing, blooming and growing... it just gives me a burst of energy.

   As for Fall colors which are mostly pretty reds, yellows, browns and oranges...I enjoy these colors for outdoors/nature only.  To be quite frank, I don't really decorate with those colors in my home because it doesn't really go with my style. I feel the colors for Spring are more me... blush pinks, whites, soft blues and purples; to name a few. Nevertheless, I added some simple Fall touches in my home and do what I haven't really done before is incorporate more of natural elements in my decor. You can see in my accessories on my coffee table and pillows.

  By incorporating natural elements, I wanted to bring nature in my home. That's why I liked the idea of light elements, natural wood tones and mixing with other metallics.  As for my coffee table, we got this from our recent trip to Living Spaces. As soon as my husband & I spotted this table, we knew it was it.  It was almost like love at first sight! This table is made from reclaimed wood & I've listed the link for you here as well as other furniture items:

    Here's another angle of our new coffee table. You can't really tell from pictures but this table is quite huge! And it happens to be the only size that would fit our large blue sapphire sofa from ZGallerie. At the store, this sofa comes in white but we placed a custom order because we wanted it in blue.  Here's the link to our sofa:

This area has become my new favorite corner! Loving this gorgeous embroidered gold pumpkin pillow I also found at HomeGoods.

Here is a closer look...doesn't it remind you of Cinderella's magical pumpkin carriage?! :)

Blue velvet, winged arm chair is also from HomeGoods.  I was actually lucky to find this near my location. Ive learned that if you spot something you like and don't buy it that day at HomeGoods, it will definitely be gone the next time you go back...I didn't want to take any chances & was so lucky to bring it home. I've linked similar chair for you here:

 A larger view of our new family room. Ever since we swapped rooms, we have spend more time in this room because everyone in my family is saying it's more comfy...hearing that makes me one happy girl!

Moving on to my dining area...Another area where I added simple Fall touches.  Besides flowers, another thing that I'm obsessed with is candles. I just love the elegant, & simplicity of beautiful candles. It instantly creates a warm, cozy and inviting ambience.

The gold leaf tray is from HomeGoods and I simply added Fall potpourri around the candles and you can feel Fall is in the air when you see this tray sitting on my dining room table when you walk in. 

I hope you've enjoyed my Harvest Haven Fall Tour & thank you so much for visiting! I always enjoy having you guys stop by. Please go to my friend Tamara's home over at Citrine Living next. You wont want to miss!

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